Churches Burned, while government involvement ignored

Catholic churches across Canada have been burned and an assailant arrested, but media and activists have ignored the involvement of past governments in the residential school program.
quick fact check

THE cdc pulled the pcr tests because they couldn't differentiate between flu and covid?

FALSE: The CDC withdrew support for PCR tests that can only test for Coronavirus infection, encouraging labs to use new multiplex tests that can test for both the flu and coronaviruses.

Residential Schools

mass graves were never mentioned

Despite the use of the term "mass graves" by media outlets around the world, First Nation chiefs never mentioned the term.


cubans protest communism, not lack of vaccines

Protests against Cuba's regime gripped the country amid rising unemployment, food shortages, a struggling healthcare system and limited freedoms spawned by severe economic decline.

Winnipeg Lab

Chinese scientists may have broken the law

Chinese scientists working in Winnipeg's National Microbiology Lab are being investigated for breaking patent laws and possible misrepresentation, among other things.