Media and activists opposed to 'truckers for freedom' have claimed that a statue of Terry Fox was vandalized or defaced. This is false.
the facts

Anti-Mandate protesters draped the statue with a flag, put sign in his hand

At no point was the statue of Terry Fox "defaced" or vandalized by supporters of the "Truckers For Freedom" movement in Ottawa. In fact, protesters merely draped the statue of the famed Canadian with a flag, put an anti-mandate sign in his hand and took selfies of themselves.
Outlets like the Vancouver Sun trumpeted the false claims of social media users and activists that the statue had been "defaced" or vandalized on January 29th. Neither of the allegations are true and the statue was quickly restored to its original form less than two hours after the photos emerged. 
Author Tiffanny Crawford, for the Vancouver Sun, stated:

                        The mayor of Port Coquitlam is upset that vaccine mandate protesters have                                    defaced a statue of the city’s hometown hero Terry Fox in Ottawa. 

Claims by Crawford and other social media users are blatantly false and do not meet the dictionary definitions of defacement or vandalism and no crimes were committed by protesters relating to the statue.